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Training program of IRDS caters for the capacity building needs of in-service development practitioners and fresh university graduates. This program includes conducting needs assessments, development of training modules and organizing training programs in fields of sustainable development.

Local Govt. Strengthening

As part of its interventions for improving local level governance, IRDS initiated a number of activities for strengthening Local Govt. Institutions.

Information Management

Development and maintenance of databases to facilitate networking. Plus publishing booklets, reports and leaflets for information sharing and easy reference.

What is IRDS?

handEstablished as a capacity building NGO in NWFP in May 2000, Institute of Research and Development Studies (IRDS) is mandated to strengthen the efforts for sustainable social development through capacity building (training) activities, and provision of consulting services in human and institutional development (HID) and project management. Institutional strengthening of Local Govt. Institutions is one of the key interventions areas of IRDS.



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