What is IRDS?


handEstablished as a capacity building NGO in NWFP in May 2000, Institute of Research and Development Studies (IRDS) is mandated to strengthen the efforts for sustainable social development through capacity building (training) activities, and provision of consulting services in human and institutional development (HID) and project management. Institutional strengthening of Local Govt. Institutions is one of the key interventions areas of IRDS.


IRDS envisions the creation of a sustainable society, which is based on mutual obligations & responsibilities and human respect & dignity.


To strengthen the efforts for sustainable community development through improving the efficiency and effectiveness of profit and non-profit organizations, development practitioners and marginalized segments of the society.



  • To provide services in Human and Institutional Development for improving organizational effectiveness.
  • To empower Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other development entities through provision of relevant, updated information .
  • To evolve Alternative Development Models based on the realities of local value system.
  • To mobilize and strengthen Local Resources for promoting Self- Reliance and Self-Help
  • To empower the Marginalized Communities through technical assistance and ensure their sustained access to the resources of growth and opportunities of quality education.